Understanding your World

Intelligent Growth, Insight and Natural Language.

Understanding your World. And what’s Next.

Intelligent GrowthInsight Platform

Intelligent Growth

We deliver Intelligent Growth by finding and engaging on-line audiences through Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and exceptional automated marketing.

Join the Conversation

Autochirp finds Tweets and Twitter interactions and joins in the conversation on your behalf.

Taking full advantage of Twitter’s notifications network to reach 300 million users, Twitter users perceive Autochirp tweets as meaningful human interactions, creating relationship opportunities that sell.

Why Autochirp?

Exploit Natural Beauty

Convert exploits our background in interaction design to turn passive visitors into leads through beautiful Landing Pages.

Don’t waste a penny more on landing page and data capture technology which doesn’t give you the insight you need to design and optimise campaigns from first interaction to ultimate brand affinity.

Why Convert?

Know your Type

Derive builds Deep Profiles through a machine-learned mix of your private data and public data, showing a 360° view of valuable leads, past customers and even passive visitors.

Derive’s Deep Profiles form personas beyond traditional age, sector and habit classes and inspire marketing decisions across the board.

Why Derive?

No matter your growth objective — from engagement and brand affinity to profitability and ROI — our Intelligent Growth technology creates incredible targeted brand awareness and unique acquisition opportunities.

Unique Acquisition Opportunities

Insight Platform

We’ve built our own incredible insight platform in the cloud with the fastest moving technology.


In 2019 we’re launching Revolution, a consultancy service to transform business’ fundamental approach to data — from how to collect, transform and understand it — to being truly data-driven.

The programme, either delivered as a standardised vehicle for change or as ad-hoc workshops, will combine our collective experience, infrastructure and architecture knowledge and Intelligent Growth technology to revolutionise Europe’s SME capability.

From Databases to Data-driven

About Epsilon Data

From household brands to organisations as successful as Smirnoff and Oxford University, our founders have consulted in data science and business development for some of the world’s most popular and forward-thinking companies.

Research & Relationships

To stay on the cutting edge of linguistics and visualisation, we’re also working with academics and research centres at leading British universities.

How we Build Relationships that Last

Global Perspective

We are experts in local context with a truly global perspective.

Context to this extent is rarely found outside academia. We know it’s crucial for effective brand and reputation insight in a changing and more connected world.

Why English isn’t our Default

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