Epsilon Data

Understanding your World. And what’s Next.

Research & Relationships

Our founders have worked with brands as successful as Smirnoff and Oxford University.

  • You know us…

    We deal with big data. And big personalities. Our teams and their partners work from London and beyond, putting a face to a name and building relationships that last.

  • And we know data.

    To stay on the cutting edge of linguistics and visualisation, we’re working with academics and research centres at leading British universities.

    From household brands to organisations as successful as Smirnoff and Oxford University, our founders have consulted for some of the world’s most popular and forward-thinking companies.

Global Perspective

We are experts in local context with a truly global perspective.

  • English isn’t our default…

    Our local context and global perspective enables us to understand people with an unprecedented level of precision. Our Natural Language Processing toolkit handles a world far beyond the many types of English in everyday existence. English isn’t our default.

  • And our context is king.

    We process and understand thousands of different language forms. We know that around 60% of Hungarians introduce themselves on-line with their surname first. And we know that the citizens of Romandy, the French-speaking parts of Switzerland, use the German word for hairdryer.

    We know this context is crucial in an increasingly connected world.

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