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Twitter API Credentials

API credentials allow us to use Twitter on your behalf without knowing your Twitter password. You can follow these instructions to generate the 4 keys we need, or provide your password below if you’d like us to do this for you.

  • Go to Twitter’s “New Application” page, complete the form as follows and click “Create your Twitter application”
    • Name: Epsilon Data {{ || "(your name here"}}
    • Description: Epsilon Data {{ || "(your name here"}}
    • Website:
    • Callback URL: (leave blank)
  • When you see “Your application has been created.”, go to the “Keys and Acess Tokens” tab
  • Under “Your Access Token” click “Create my access token”
  • For each field to the left of our instructions, copy the value from the Twitter page.

Twitter Credentials

We highly recommend that you don’t provide your Twitter password and instead generate API credentials and enter them above. We only need your Twitter password to do this for you.