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Our insight platform is built with the fastest moving technology.


We’ve built an incredible insight platform in the cloud with the fastest moving technology. This platform uses renowned data science tools in addition to our own in-house Natural Language Processing toolkit, web crawlers and commercial API subscriptions.

Our insight platform is built around 3 main components — a Data Lake, the Outcomes Engine, and Debut, our unique interactive delivery format.

Data Lake

Data Lake

A Data Lake is a large storage repository and processing engine, providing massive storage for any kind of data. Our Data Lake exposes an API which powers our Client Portal, processes high-frequency events and transparently provides geolocation and demographic data via commercial services.

To provide geolocation and demographic data, we’ve developed a scaleble architecture around commercial services including MonkeyLearn (natural language), (gender demographics), GeoNames and Mapbox (geolocation), Twitter and Google (extrapolation). We absorb the continuous cost of access to these services.

Outcomes Engine

Our Outcomes Engine exposes a stateless API that provides insight from the Data Lake. Every outcome available has raw (in-process) access to the Data Lake and extraordinary algorithms for financial modelling, trends, data description, Natural Language Processing, ad-hoc web crawling and more.

A simple outcome (“sales”, which is available to all clients) highlights top selling products over time by demographic. A more complex outcome (written for each client) can model warehouse output, identifying precise bottlenecks in the current hour’s supply chain.

Our Outcomes Engine is most commonly used by Debut to show insight which shapes significant executive decisions and investment. Our clients also consume the simple API in their own products for real time insight and ad-hoc decision making.



A technically superior insight platform is one thing, but a bigger breakthrough for us is in visualisation. Debut, our unique interactive deliverable format fills the sweet spot of the presentation and dashboard worlds. A simple slide by slide workflow narrates our process alongside stunning interactive visualisations which reinforce impact.

Debut screenshot: Critical Contacts
Debut screenshot: Top Influencers



Dubbed as the “Terminal for the web generation”, use Pipeline to access, process and filter the world’s data through powerful Unix pipe queries.

twtr-tweets --handle EpsilonData | data-keyval text


Carbon Tier
2development/support hours per month
Shared InstanceOur hosted instance on shared infrastructure
Delivering insight every...month
Real Time
Gold Tier
4development/support hours per month
Unique InstanceYour own hosted instance and domain
Delivering insight every...2 minutes
Dynamic Debut deliverables work as live dashboards which update in real time, constantly consuming our Outcomes Engine
Real Time with raw
Outcomes Engine API access
Platinum Tier
8+development/support hours per month
Self-hosted InstanceHost your instance internally
Delivering insight every...second
Dynamic Debut deliverables work as live dashboards which update in real time, constantly consuming our Outcomes Engine
Raw access to our Outcomes Engine via API to develop your own products and apps. Products and apps can be as powerful as Debut or as simple as Apple Watch interactions.
  • Open Source? Of course…

    We love the open source community and we couldn’t have built our insight platform without the amazing people behind it. We’re releasing our code into the wild line by line and actively contributing towards popular projects which have made Epsilon Data possible.

  • And Secure, too.

    Security is our top priority — at all times. Our clients know we work with them in the strictest confidence. All client data is stored and processed in-house. We are the only ones you have to trust.

    Our insight platform has been HTTPS from birth with an in-depth audit trail. As well as encryption, we know the physical location of our entire cloud.

A single tweet is only 140 characters, but 58 million tweets a day makes for another story. That’s 9,100 tweets a second. Don’t blink.

Understanding just a fraction of this language requires serious computing power and imaginative visualisation to give real time insight. Identifying trends and causation also involves thousands of iterations over millions of unstructured high-frequency events. Our insight platform is built to scale to these demands.

  • Exit Strategy

    We are “pro-freedom”, billing monthly on all tiers so you’re never locked in.

    Our Debut deliverables are downloadable as PDF so you can always rely on having a hard copy. Set up is free and we’ll export your raw data for free too if you choose to move on.

  • Uptime guarantee: Our SLA

    Our strict Service Level Agreement applies to all tiers. You can rely on us for 99.997% uptime — all of our insight platform services can completely fail and our infrastructure self-heals. In short, we offer the best and prepare for the worst.

    We provide the confidence you need to rely on us 24/7 around the world.

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